Fundraising Event Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraiser to benefit UCSF! We are grateful for your efforts to support our cutting-edge research and the patients in our care. Please review these guidelines prior to completing the Community Fundraiser Application. By signing the application you acknowledge compliance with these guidelines. We look forward to working with you!

For purposes of these guidelines, “sponsor” means the organization, group, or individual sponsoring or holding the Community Fundraiser. UCSF may change these guidelines at any time without notice, and such changes will be effective immediately.

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Use of Name and Logo

  • All fundraisers must align with campus and University of California goals and policies and reflect favorably on UCSF’s image.
  • All materials – including, but not limited to, advertising, press releases, posters, flyers, t-shirts and public service announcements – that include any UCSF-related name(s) or logo(s) must be reviewed and approved in writing by UCSF prior to promotion of the fundraiser.
  • All use of the UCSF logo must comply with UCSF brand standards.
  • UCSF and its departments/programs are the beneficiaries, not the sponsors, of all benefit fundraisers. Promotional materials that use UCSF- related names/logos should use the terms “proceeds to benefit UCSF XXXX (department or program name).” In addition, when soliciting sponsors and participants, organizers should state that the fundraiser will benefit UCSF and not imply that UCSF is sponsoring the fundraiser.

Financial and Legal Information

  • UCSF will not advance monies for outside fundraising activities because it is not sponsoring your fundraiser. Sponsors are responsible for all expenses and financial responsibility incurred before, during, and after the fundraiser.
  • UCSF is unable to share mailing lists.
  • You may not use UCSF’s tax exempt status for the planning or implementation of your fundraiser, nor are you permitted to promote tax exempt privileges as part of your fundraiser (unless you have separate tax exempt status).
  • Where applicable, promotional materials should state the percentage of proceeds and/or the portion of the ticket price that will benefit UCSF.
  • Donations are tax-deductible when checks are made payable directly to the UCSF Foundation or by donating online through the UCSF website. A person, company, or venue that makes an inkind good or service donation to your fundraiser is not eligible to receive a tax deduction or donation receipt for the donation.


  • The sponsor is responsible for obtaining liability insurance to cover the fundraiser in case of an accident or negative occurrence. The sponsor and the fundraiser’s donors, sponsors, guests, etc., agree to indemnify, defend and hold UCSF harmless against and in respect of any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities damages, recoveries and deficiencies, including interest, penalties and reasonable attorney’s fees that shall be incurred or suffered by UCSF and its affiliates, which arise, result from or relate to applicant’s fundraising event or fundraising program, applicant’s performance of its agreement as specified in these guidelines and the Community Fundraiser Application.
  • Sponsors are responsible for obtaining all permits and licenses – especially those for raffles or games of chance. State and local governments control all charitable gaming activities, and if the fundraiser includes a bingo, raffle, 50/50 draw and/or casino type games and activities, sponsors must acquire the proper permit/license from the state or local government office and abide by all rules and regulations pertaining to such gaming activity.
  • UCSF and its affiliates do not accept or assume any liability associated with alcohol being consumed before, during or after the fundraiser. The sponsor is required to obtain any necessary liquor licenses needed for a Community Fundraiser.
  • UCSF does not endorse the hiring or selection of any special event planners, consultants, or coordinators. The sponsor hereby agrees to adhere to all federal, local and state laws and assures that compensation to any professional fundraiser or promoters shall not be based on commission or percentage of monies raised.

Fundraiser Approval

  • Any individual, business or organization that wants to raise money for UCSF must first fill out a Community Fundraiser Application for review and approval by the Office of University Development and Alumni Relations.
  • UCSF cannot guarantee support for planning, staffing, or promoting your fundraiser, but we can share ideas and best practices. Please see the UCSF Community Fundraiser Resource Kit for more details.
  • Applications must be submitted to UCSF at least 90 days prior to the fundraiser. Recurring fundraisers require a new application. Only when an application has been approved in writing may the sponsor begin soliciting sponsors and participants for the fundraiser. Please allow at least 15 days for a response.
  • In order to coordinate streamline fundraising efforts, we ask that you provide a list of your targeted sponsors before they are approached.
  • Once a fundraiser is approved, organizers must notify UCSF if there are any significant changes or if the fundraiser has been canceled. UCSF reserves the right to deny or withdraw approval if circumstances warrant.
  • Fundraiser proceeds should be sent to: UCSF Foundation, Box 45339, San Francisco, CA 94145-0339.