Become a Fundraiser

Whether you’re raising money for a specific UCSF program, showing gratitude for a special doctor or caregiver, or bringing attention to a cause you believe in, UCSF can help you accomplish your goals.

Create a Page on Our Fundraising Platform

Use UCSF’s fundraising platform to create a personal fundraising page that highlights why you’re passionate and how your supporters’ donations will be used to move your project forward.

Once you’ve created your page, spread the word with emails, social media posts, phone calls, one-on-one cultivation, and more. Donations can be made directly through your page, so be sure to share the link.

The fundraising platform automatically emails receipts to individuals who donate through your page. You can also send project updates and thank you messages directly from the site.

(This fundraising strategy – known as “crowdfunding” – maximizes the power of many small donations to fund a project.)

Think you’re ready to start fundraising? Tell us who you are, and we’ll put you on the right path.

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Wondering whether crowdfunding is right for you? Consider these questions.


Donate Your Event Proceeds

Are you running a race, hosting a fundraiser, or celebrating another special occasion? Turn your special event into a party with a purpose by asking friends and family to make a gift to UCSF.

To ensure that we’re prepared to receive gifts from your charitable event, please:

  1. Review the UCSF fundraising event guidelines.
  2. Complete the event fundraising form. 

Read on for answers to our community fundraising champions’ most frequently asked questions.

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Become a Social Ambassador

Looking for other ways to contribute? Help spread the word about the UCSF causes closest to you as a social ambassador!

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay current on UCSF's latest discoveries. If you see something that excites you, share it with your friends. 
  • Use the personal fundraising tools on Facebook, and friends can donate to your cause without ever leaving the site! 
  • Share your story. Tell your friends why you’re fundraising for UCSF and how a gift to UCSF will make a difference to your cause. And be sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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