The Chancellor’s Circle

UCSF’s Chancellor’s Circle strives to extend the University’s gratitude to those who invest their time and resources each year into making the University one of the world’s premier medical educational institutions.

The Chancellor’s Circle is a dedicated community of annual donors representing the model of philanthropic leadership at UCSF. Today, an impressive number of loyal and generous Chancellor’s Circle members pave the way for the University’s future and inspire others to take part through service and giving. Their contributions are integral to the University’s sustained excellence in groundbreaking research, outstanding patient care, and top-ranked graduate education programs in the health sciences.

2016 Chancellor’s Circle: Video Games as Medicine

Ever worry about your children getting too much screen time? Chancellor’s Circle members learned that some of that time may be therapeutic. On October 18, 2016, Chancellor Sam Hawgood and distinguished Chancellor’s Circle members were treated to an exclusive presentation by Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD, on his innovative research into virtual reality and video games as medicine.

Gazzaley talked about the positive implications of using video games for treatment of brain health and brain disorders, a concept that has captured national attention and delighted children everywhere. Because of its many benefits, Gazzaley envisions prescriptive video gaming in our near future. Watch this video to learn more about Gazzaley's exciting projects.

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