Fund for Racial Justice in Health and Science

Thank you for considering a gift to support the UCSF Fund for Racial Justice in Health and Science

Over the past few months, members of the UCSF community have united in calls for racial justice at town halls, organized and joined peaceful protests on and off campus, and knelt in solidarity with Black Americans killed by police brutality.

As a public institution focused on the health sciences, UCSF recognizes that dismantling racism is a fundamental responsibility. COVID-19 has killed Latinx and Black Californians at three to four times the rate of white Californians, but the disproportionate impact of disease is not new. The most urgent health crises in our country – from cancer to diabetes, stroke to dementia, asthma to premature birth – have always taken a far greater toll on communities of color.

UCSF is tackling this problem head-on. Our work to create diverse and inclusive environments for our patients, staff, students, and faculty members is already underway.

UCSF has a long history of advancing equity – for those we have the privilege to serve and for each other. But we have much more work to do.

You can directly support our efforts to dismantle structural racism by making a gift to the UCSF Fund for Racial Justice in Health and Science.

Actions your gift might support include:

  • Advancing excellence in staff and faculty recruitment across the university.
  • Increasing student scholarship support that will enable the most exceptional students of all backgrounds to afford a UCSF education.
  • Enhancing the Population Health and Health Equity Scholars Program, which provides awards to UCSF faculty members whose research advances health and racial justice.
  • Investing in research that improves health outcomes for people of color, such as a project that uncovers inequities that make prostate cancer far more deadly in Black men and proposes solutions that can be replicated nationwide.
  • Supporting inclusive clinical trials with increased participation from people of color, leading to more effective drugs and therapies for us all.

To learn more about how UCSF is addressing structural racism, please visit the UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach.

Your partnership will make possible a more equitable and just society. Please join us.

For more information on the UCSF Fund for Racial Justice in Health and Science, please email [email protected].

Help UCSF dismantle racism in health care.

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