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Research is the First Step Toward Innovative Medicine

Breakthrough medicine begins in the laboratory, where our scientists collaborate to transform how physicians diagnose, treat, and cure illness – and keep people healthy by stopping diseases before they even start.

By supporting UCSF research, you can have a transformative impact on tomorrow’s health care. From basic science to translational and clinical efforts that usher in new treatments to the emerging field of precision medicine, your gifts support innovation on every front.


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Wrapping up Multiple Sclerosis

After a career-long battle waged against multiple sclerosis, neurologist Stephen Hauser announced the astounding clinical trial results of a drug that stops the disease in its tracks.

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Today’s Students are the Future of Health Care

Your gifts to UCSF nurture a unique culture that inspires every faculty member and every student, whether they participate in our prestigious schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, or pharmacy or our top-ranked graduate division.

By supporting UCSF’s commitment to exceptional public education, you empower our faculty members to prepare graduates who will push health care forward by generating new knowledge, providing expert care, tackling inequities, and leading and teaching at UCSF and around the world.


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Scholarship Propels New Career as Nurse and Diabetes Specialist

When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Arielle Bivas felt driven to change careers from education to health care. An endowed scholarship established by a UCSF graduate helped make her new calling possible.

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Pioneering Care Drives Everything We Do

At UCSF, high-tech innovations and high-touch care are inspired by our patients and their families – their health and well being, their hopes and dreams, their passion for better lives and better medicine.

Your gifts enable us to care and heal – the ultimate goal of everything we do. You ensure that we provide the best medicine modern science has to offer, serving all members of our community and patients from around the world.


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New Cancer Immunotherapy Clinic Offers Unique Studies of Promising Treatments

Excitement is growing among cancer physicians who treat patients with therapies that harness the body’s immune system to fight the disease.

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