Philanthropy Resources

for UCSF Faculty and Staff Members


For the past decade, UCSF has placed among the top 20 colleges and universities in the country for charitable contributions received. This results largely from your incredible work and the strong relationships you develop with the supporters you meet in our labs, hospitals, clinics, classrooms, and in the community.

When opportunities for philanthropic support arise, our team in the Office of University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR) is here to help. Once you identify a prospective donor, here are the next steps to take:

  • Contact your department chair to discuss how philanthropic support can have an impact on your program or the department’s mission.
  • Your department chair will refer you to a UDAR development officer. The development officer should always serve as your primary point of contact for fundraising communications with donors and prospects.
  • Your development officer will work with you to develop giving options and a strategy for inspiring the donor to support UCSF and your work.
  • Together, you will gather important information about your program or research and create materials based on the donor’s needs to request a gift.
  • The donor gives a gift to support your work!

About UDAR

The UCSF Office of University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR) administers all financial donations for the university. Our office is centrally funded, and donor passion drives much of our work.

UDAR’s goal is to provide faculty and staff members with the support needed to secure crucial funding for your work and programs. This includes:

  • Acting as your main point of contact with donors.
  • Identifying and engaging prospective donors.
  • Partnering with leadership, faculty, staff, and volunteers to present a case for investment.

Note: UDAR does not set university priorities, direct donors to give to specific programs, or handle marketing and public affairs.

Other Giving Options 


Friends of UCSF can create a lasting legacy by including a bequest provision in their wills or revocable trusts. To learn more, contact UDAR’s Office of Gift and Endowment Planning at (415) 476-1475 or [email protected].

Chancellor’s Fund for UCSF

The Chancellor’s Fund for UCSF is a source of unrestricted funds the chancellor can use for the university’s most pressing needs. It supports the chancellor’s vision for the future of UCSF and plays a vital role in advancing cutting-edge research, faculty recruitment and retention, student support, and innovative opportunities that arise. Donors who give unrestricted funds are particularly invested in UCSF’s overall mission, and they often consider subsequent, larger gift opportunities that enable our faculty members to realize their most transformative scientific goals.

Donors who make annual gifts to the Chancellor’s Fund for UCSF totaling $10,000 or more are invited to join the Chancellor’s Circle and enjoy additional opportunities to actively engage with Chancellor Sam Hawgood, world-renowned faculty members, and UCSF’s top leaders and volunteers.

Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR)

The CFR team connects institutional funders with the UCSF faculty members and staff whose projects and initiatives best align with their goals.


Crowdfunding allows us to solicit relatively small donations from a large number of people, typically via the internet. If you are interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign to support your research, or if you know a grateful patient or family member who would like to crowdfund for UCSF, please visit for more inforation.

Philanthropy Training

UDAR hosts periodic fundraising training sessions for faculty members and teams. Nearly 600 UCSF faculty members have undergone fundraising training since 2007.

These sessions guide you in many aspects of philanthropy, including how to:

  • Recognize prospective donors.
  • Make referrals to a development officer.
  • Communicate your vision and goals.
  • Incorporate specialized content on fundraising for basic research.
  • Fundraise as new leaders (e.g., for a specific school, program, center, etc.).

If you are interested in learning opportunities, please contact your department chair.

Stewardship for Endowed and Distinguished Professorships

UCSF’s endowment includes more than 400 endowed chairs and professorships. Donors who contribute to a professorship are particularly passionate about the impact of their philanthropy and look forward to receiving updated information about the causes they support. The tool kit linked below includes answers to frequently asked questions about how you can help ensure that these donors are well stewarded.

Endowed and Distinguished Professorship Stewardship Tool Kit

For other gifts, in return for their philanthropic contributions, donors expect that UCSF will use their gifts for the purposes intended, as well as provide appropriate acknowledgement and stewardship.

General Policy Documents

Endowment Minima List

UCSF’s endowment comprises more than 1,000 individual funds established by our most generous donors. This list includes the minimums required to endow certain types of funds at UCSF.

Infrastructure and Operations Fund (I&O) FAQs

The Infrastructure and Operations Fund helps ensure UCSF’s financial sustainability. The I&O Fund uses a 10% assessment on each restricted gift to help pay for the facilities, infrastructure, and core administrative costs required to carry out the purpose of that gift.

Major Gift Solicitation Approval Form

Fundraising proposals must receive approval prior to submission. Please use this form if the proposal meets one or more of the following stipulations:

  • Requires the recruitment of new faculty/staff or creation of an endowed faculty position.
  • Exceeds $5 million.
  • Includes purchase, installation, or service contracts for equipment valued at $100,000 or more.
  • Requires additional space to complete the proposed work, matching funds, or new/changed curriculum, programs, or capital projects.
  • Includes naming rights or donor signage.
  • Requires approval from the UC Regents or president.