How Your Genome Could Save Your Life

One day, “I envision that everyone is going to have the opportunity to have their genetic material sequenced, and then we will know how to individualize the intervention for the patient that is sitting in front of us,” says Dr. Aleksandar Rajkovic, MD, PhD, chief genomics officer at UCSF.

What if you could predict the future of your or your family’s health using the information contained within your genes? UCSF’s 3D Health study sequences your entire genome, yielding approximately 4,000 times the data provided by direct-to-consumer genetic tests. This data contains important information about your or your family’s risk for cancers, heart rhythm problems, or other diseases.

UCSF’s 3D Health study is part of a remarkable new Molecular Preventive Care Initiative that heralds a future in which we will be able to predict and prevent the vast majority of human diseases. Information from your genome, your environment, your gut microbiome, and other factors will create a knowledge network that will advance new scientific discoveries and help predict disease risk. 


What is Whole Genome Sequencing? from UCSF Foundation on Vimeo.